About Us

Specialist Environmental, Contaminated Sites and Hazardous Material Consulting Services

ERC was established in 2013, originally as a division of Engtech (Aust) Pty Ltd (Engtech) which was established by a former Director of ERC in 1988. The current Directors joined Engtech in 2007/2008, and ERC was established in 2012 to separate the core environmental business from Engtech’s dangerous goods roots.

The Director’s focus, was to provide specialist environmental, contaminated sites and hazardous material consulting services to a growing client base in the public and private sector, from local, state and federal government, to oil and mining companies right through to small family businesses and sole traders.

Key Principles

One of the keys to our success in over 30 years of business is an unwavering focus on the following six primary and constant principles to be managed and monitored throughout any project.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)


Quality & Compliance


Turnkey Project Management & Work Methodology

Client Relationship

Boutique Firm

  • Most of our work is sourced from repeat business and direct referrals
  • We have the ability to intricately understand and our client’s needs and expectations to establish a secure and lasting relationship
  • Once the relationship is formed, our clients do not go elsewhere
  • Clients love our fast, friendly, no fuss, technically sound and professional approach to all projects and engagements

“Hands on” Directors

Unlike many of our competitors, ERC is directly managed by its owners, including the personal oversight and management of every project and deliverable, by one of our Directors. As such, a personal vested interest and motivation push ERC to strive for the safest, highest quality and risk appropriate “value for money” service, regardless of project size or perceived importance. ERC’s Directors pride themselves in this “hands-on” approach and personal attention given to every project undertaken.

Decentralised Office

ERC operate a decentralised office model, in that all our staff work from home-based offices.  We utilise the latest digital technology to collaborate and communicate in a highly efficient manner and our geographical spread of staff offices reaches from the inner metropolitan suburbs of Perth, north to Clarkson, east to Mundaring and south to Mandurah. Whilst this approach is considered fresh, modern and sustainable by many, we have operated in this way for the entire duration of our business.


At ERC, we strive to form valued and lasting relationships with our clients. Our experience, technical knowledge, friendly and “no fuss” approach has shown that once we work with a client, they will return to us and recommend our services to others.

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